In the digital landscape, each of the user’s information is collected and monitored timely. It is a huge red mark on the privacy concerns. That is where Proxiyum comes into use. Well, the name itself suggests Proxy network. So, proxy network just creates a user safety bubble around to safeguard the users information. Now, how it works, its main features, characteristics and all important points have been discussed further. So, go through the article for better insight and knowledge of the Proxy network.  

Overview on Proxiyum 

Proxiyum is an online free web proxy network. It serves two major purposes: SSL Encryption and hiding the IP address. It revolutionized the way web browsing works. To use the platform one does not need to download any additional software. It is considered as one of the best parts of the platform. Well, it ensures that the user has a smooth journey and unlimited Internet access. 

How Proxiyum Works? 

Once the user visits the site, it routes the request to its web proxy server which has its own original IP address. Well, when a Proxiyum IP address is used instead of a user’s IP address, the request is directed through a new IP address. Soon, the service rejuvenates the answers from the official site and redirects it towards the users. The proxy network saves the website content in cache memory. It is to reduce the search time and utilize the users time efficiently. 

Unveiling the Characteristics 

The key highlight of the online platform is the features and characteristics it consists of. So, mentioned below are a few of the top positioned characteristics of the Proxiyum network. 

  • SSL Encryption: The platform is SSL encrypted. It is to ensure that the users and their data are safe from Hacking. It also blocks unauthorized sites and safeguards the data. 
  • Hidden IP: The proxy network provides anonymous web browsing to its users. It hides the local IP address. Well, it is important to protect the user’s personal data from getting leaked or misused. 
  • Various Support: The proxy network proxiyum can be used on almost every operating system. From smartphones, computers, laptops to tablets, it works efficiently in all devices. It is also compatible with different browsing sites. Such as: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and more. 
  • Persistent Links: Well, the proxy site gives access to blocked websites. But it does not directly navigate the user to the blocked URL. Instead, it shares the link the user wants to access. This eases the sharing process as well. 
  • Unlimited Downloads: With the help of the proxy site the user not only gets access to the blocked site but one can download numbers of helpful stuff as they wish.  


Now, that one may have understood the main highlight of the proxy network, so let’s bring our focus to its accessibility process. Well, accessing the site is quite simple and easy to do. One may the given steps for a smooth accessibility process: 

  • Step 1: From an Internet connected device, open any preferred Browser mainly Google
  • Step 2: Search and Navigate to the official Proxiyum. com website 
  • Step 3: Once the dashboard appears on the screen, the user needs to navigate to the Input Box 
  • Step 4: In the Input box, paste the URL link one wants to access. 
  • Step 5: Soon, the user will be directed to the desired web page  

Reasons to choose 

The platform is easy to access, offers various features, but that’s not enough. So here we have mentioned a few of the reasons why one should access the site. The reasons goes off like: 

  • Access to Blocked Content: One may easily unblock and enjoy the blocked or restricted content. 
  • Web Standards: It allows the users to cut out the limitation by accessing the blocked or restricted sites indirectly. 
  • Unlimited: The user does not have to face any limitation, when it comes to downloading the desired stuff. 
  • By-Passing: It allows the user to bypass or cross the third party restrictions to access the site. 
  • Caching: The platform eventually uses caching, which results in great network efficiency. 
  • Cost Cutting: The most attractive point of the proxy site is that the user does not need to pay a single penny to access any restricted site. It is all for free and one can utilize the features of the platform at no cost. 

Is it Safe and Legal? 

Many of the users must be thinking about the Proxiyum safety alligation. Well, we all should, but no need to worry we have an answer to the arisen doubts. is a legal proxy network. It works or processes legally and ethically following all relevant law and regulation. But, till the time one uses it responsibly. Hacking, Frauds: the user should avoid getting into these activities. So, for better results one should access the site for ethical use without causing any harm to others.     


In conclusion, Proxiyum is a web based proxy network. In the world of privacy concern, the proxy network comes up with a security solution. It has a solution for every complex online privacy issue. Well, its features, benefits, access procedure and working, all have been discussed above in detail. So, the user may go through  the article for better insight. 


All the information regarding Proxiyum is well researched. The article is shared just for Informational purpose. Moreover, one may visit the site before relying on the given information. Well, we do not promote any third party proxy site. So, move forward and access the site at your own risk.